Tongue Talking Couples By Sarah Osaroejor


There is a favourite quote I love so much from Charles Spurgeon, “God cannot do anything in humanity until someone prays”. Reading through the pages of his book got me thinking and imagining the efficacy of prayers. These words stroke a chord in my spirit that has held me spellbound for days as I imagined the authority we have as believers. I kept repeating those words. Kai! I couldn’t hold my joy knowing my place in redemption that I bursted into laughter. See rhema! Then I had to narrow it down to marriage and relationship which has become the epicenter where the devil focus its attention on a daily basis, and I realized that God cannot do anything in marriage until couples pray.
Know this, heaven gets excited when couples pray together. God is always willing to fellowship with couples like he did with Adam and Eve in the cool of the day in the garden of Edenden. Marriage is a mystery and unraveling the possibility of it comes through bended knees. This is where the blue print of your home is handed over to you in the place of intimacy with the Father. See ehn, aunty berry and uncle macho, the beauty of your home lies in the power of your tongue. The devil trembles when couples call forth the possibility of a blissful home through the tongue in the place of prayers. Let me break it down, love isn’t just enough, cause the true test of love begins when it is faced with the battles of life. Ahhh aunty, I can imagine that smile on your face when you glance through the picture of daddy and mummy Enenche. You just wish to have a fufiling marriage and a ministry like them, but the secret isn’t far fetched, they made it possible in the secret place. One thing is sure as couples, you have been placed as the spiritual watchman over your home, whose spiritual armour needs to be worn on daily basis waging war over the enemies of marriage that come as little foxes that eat up the fruits and the beauty of your home. The effect of a fruitful and impactful marriage comes from the marital altar. You have been placed side by side to fan up the flames of your spouse constantly into fire in the secret place. When couples raise an incense of spiritual offerings through prayers, it releases a fragrance to Yahweh calling forth his shekinah presence and his peace to reside. When you said I do to that cherry and macho man of yours and exchanging those vows with your spouse, you were indoctrinated into the fold of watchmen agreeing to the terms and condition guiding marriage. Note this, a sleeping watchman on duty gives the enemy an opportunity to strike. Couples sleeping over their spiritual duty and responsiblity over their marriage gives the devil an opportunity to become the overseer of their marital home while they watch as spectators. A prayerful couple is a winning couple.
Singles, as you go for countless date with that Mr and Mrs right of yours munching that pizza and enjoying that cup of icecream while you chat heartily like lovebirds, also create spiritual date with the holy ghost together with your intending spouse as you call forth mysteries through the language of the spirit. It gives you both an opportunity to enlarge spiritual capacity to work in alliagnment with your spouse’s vision. See you ain’t marrying that guy just to build a beautiful future with lovely kids, a well decorated duplex, fleet of cars and trips to different countries for vacation, you are stepping into the circle of marriage to align with Gods ordained vision over his / her life. This vision can not be achieved by merely admiring fathers of faith whose marital lives are inspiration but it comes through the place of spiritual preparation. You become a watchman over your relationship gathering the experience in the secret place until you become fully initiated into the fold of marital watchmen. Ahhh! Uncle macho, setting romantic dates and surprises for that beautiful wife of yours is great, couples hangout is always exciting and filled with lots of fun but setting up spiritual date where the holy ghost is in full attendance is a more greater fun. It has an unlimited access and frequency wave with lots of spiritual energy generated, raising incense of intimacy with the Father. You ain’t just married to raise kids, you have been called into the fold to raise and breed spiritual giants. The place of submission, spiritual sensitivity and obedience to spiritual laws governing marriage comes from the secret place. It is where the Father resides waiting for couples who will step into the class of mentorship through intimacy and there he releases the scheme of work for every of there marital stage. Uncle, let your home not just be a chatting abode but a chanting abode where angels reside as you chant in the Holyghost. Aunty, your kitchen isn’t just meant for making meals but an epicenter of making melodies to the Father. The bedroom isn’t for just sleeping but it should become a place where the Trinity resides as you fellowship with Him together. It is too late to give up on your marriage, dust your armour, sharpen the edges of your spiritual sword and stand gallant and vigilant watching the gates of your home. You have been equipped to crush the enemy through the edges of your sword. Remember no good soldier entangles himself with the activities of a civilian life. Let the wave of revival begin from your home.


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