Serving God and the interest of His Kingdom Pays the Unmatchable Part 4B By PST. Ime Archibong


28th June 2020

Thanksgiving Service
Text: Exodus 23:25

Key points
*Serving God and the interest of his kingdom guarantees protection (Psalm 91:1-2); (Mark 16:15-18). Serving God is where we gain our preservation.(Luke 10:17-19)
*Serving God guarantees our establishment in the faith ( John 15:2). He multiplies his grace upon our life because we bear fruits. We must be steadfast in our services to God and not be carried away by circumstances.
*Serving God secures for us eternity (Luke 10:20). Only servants will access heaven with Christ. Serving God is a commission we must fulfil to make heaven.

What to do for our stewardship to qualify for reward?

  1. Serve God tiredlessly (Math 24:47) God doesn’t reward a fare weather servant but faithful servants.(1Corinthian 15:58).
  2. Serve God as a privilege and not a burden(2Corinthians 3:18). At every point in time, we must see service to God as a privilege.
    Covenant Day of Breaking Invisible Barriers
    *What you don’t want, you don’t watch. As servants of God, we have the power to cast out sickness. Because the challenges of life is common to man, but a Christian can overcome if he or she knows what to do.
    *Whatever you don’t resist have the right to remain.(Ephesians 4:17).. We must put the word of God to work and practice all it says.
    *Whatever you don’t confront will conquer you. Faith is a fight, and to overcome any challenge, we must fight the good fight of faith (1Timothy6:12). The barriers of life are real. (Math 13:25); (Psalm 91:1-6).
    What to do to break invisible barrier? 1. You must be born again: To be born again is to have a covenant of longevity with God(Psalm 74:20; Genesis 26:11). Covenant people are not mearnt to suffer. 2.You must Take advantage of the light of the scriptures (John1:5)
  3. You must be committed to living by faith (Ephesians 6:16). Faith puts you in charge of invisible barrier. It makes you more stronger and powerful
  4. Continue to speak boldly against unwanted situations of life(Mark 11:23). What you say is what God will confirm. If we don’t say anything, then we give God nothing to confirm(Like 21:15). All we need to do is to keep acting on the word of God, and God will show up on our behalf.


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