Revelation Grace By Lale Joe



Grace is any and everything only God can produce. It is not just unmerited Access,any spiritual reality at all, that can only be birthed and communicated by the Christ and in the Christ is called Grace.

  • The wisdom of God is Grace.
  • The peace that surpasseth all understanding is Grace.
  • Mercy is Grace.
  • Anointing is Grace.
  • Righteousness is Grace.

Every constituent that only the CHRIST can produce is called Grace, I define as every Good and perfect gift that comes from above.spiritual blessings from above,heavenly places but routed only in CHRIST.


Grace can only be obtained in CHRIST, an Angel cannot be the basis for Grace. If that reality is not captured in Christ there’s no point seeking it, it’s not Available. Before you ever think of the possibility of receiving and working in any reality, your first assignment is to find out whether the Grace of God has made that reality Available and the way u know is to find out whether the CHRIST, His person JESUS the door does he lead you to that possibility.

JESUS said;
“I am the way, I am the truth and I am life”
He said many things about Himself, He also said ‘ i am the door not just the Good shepherd, not just the Bread.

So the Grace of God is the basis for Availability of Anything,

  • The Grace of God has in it the possibility for a man to be Anointed; that is why we can press for the Anointing.
  • The Grace of God of makes his prosperity Available.
  • The Grace of God makes his Righteousness Available.
  • The Grace of God makes Access into the Mind of God,Access into the Gift of the spirit available.
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Approach the Grace of God as a submission,the holistic picture of every spiritual privilege that only the office of the CHRIST can provide. You cannot rout the Grace of God through any other formula,That doesn’t mean you cannot recieve through any other formula but if it must be by Grace then it has to be in CHRIST. Grace is Powerful when taught correctly.

Grace to All my friends.
Lale Joe


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