Nigerian women face a lot of problems, we deserve better – Stephanie Linus

    • Actress Stephanie Linus has made a case for Nigerian women and noted they deserve better than they currently enjoy
    • The movie star revealed her position on women’s right among other things in an exclusive chat with Legit TV
    • Stephanie while speaking on cases of sexual abuse and molestation stressed the importance of educating women and young girls

    Popular actress Stephanie Linus recently had a lot to say about the plights of women in Nigeria and how they deserve better than what society presents many of them with.

    The celebrated actress revealed this during an exclusive chat with Legit TV on Friday, June 26.

    Fielding a question about how what Nigeria as a country is doing to protect the girl child and the rights of women, Stephanie made it clear that enough is not being done but she is glad that a lot of people are speaking up more about their experiences.

    Stephanie while delving into the issue of molestation and sexual abuse made a call for the creation of a conducive environment where victims who have been abuse will be able to come out and share their story.

    She added that there is a need to also look at the current laws for abusers and see how it can be made even more stringent

    Speaking further, the actress stressed the importance for people to be educated more. She said as much as people speak about abuse there are still fresh cases being reported.

    According to the actress, there is a need to ensure that people susceptible to abuse are equipped with adequate information to help them seek for justice if they have been molested by anyone around them.

    Stephanie said there have been cases of people who have been abused and only shared their story several years after.

    According to her, if a conducive environment is created, victims will be able to speak up immediately and ensure that other get justice for what has been done to them.

    Watch the full interview below:

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