My Onne By QueenSalome John-Nwigoo


My Onne…….
The tree by the tip of the ocean,whose fruit feeds the world,but can’t feed itself.
The shade that gives home to wanderers,but it’s left scorched under the Sun.

My Onne…
How lonely she lies,once honoured by the world,
She is now like a widow.
The noblest of all has fallen into slavery…….
Her people are like deer that are weak from hunger,whose strength is almost gone as they flee from the hunters.

My Onne…
Whose four children were admired when they walked together.
Cos she taught them unity & peace.
Victories without war.
Development in oneness…

My Onne….
The treasure box of the base……
No one comes to you &goes empty..
She now sits in ashes,her hair aboutc to be shaved by those she is feeding.
Her nakedness …..aahhhh

She calls out to EKARA the fierce and fearless,don’t mind the plunderers,don’t be intimidated……

OGOLOMA leeeeee….
Speak out for me,seek justice,be incorruptible,don’t sell my treasures for breakfast forgetting the generation unborn.

AGBETA raaaaaa.
You are too silent and to yourself.
Join your brothers,dont show my enemies my territories, pursue & overtake.
Tighten all the borders and reinforce.
Come,come to my aid and restore,restore my glory,dignity and honour…



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