Meet the Brain Behind Eleme Voice: Mr. Hegi A social media influencer and an Engr. by Profession


I am Hegi, a proud son of Agbonchia Community in Eleme LGA, the 3rd son of my family and the 6th child in a family of 7 children.

I graduated from Rivers State University in 2013 where i studied Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering. I am a HSE graduate, and a professional grinder and the SA on media to Hon. Prince Awalanta Mike Ejire.

I fell in love with Media activities which I found as the fastest way to simulate the right information to the world.

My passion for Engineering remain undoubted as my dream is to create more impact in our society which led me into Media projection which I tagged myself as an image maker through which I flagged my media platform Eleme Voice, which is a selfless platform use for projecting, promoting and protecting Eleme and her culture to the world.

The platform Eleme Voice, is also a means of encouraging talent and careers of young youths to redirect their mentality about life and also draw the leadership to the plight of the good people of Eleme LGA

The world can only appreciate by what you give to change it for the better, that is why through the Eleme Voice, I have tried to rebrand the mentality of our youths, conscientize the thought about life towards the right direction which in due time I will lunch my ElemeVoiceTV and my talk show in Eleme LGA tagged The “success Story” where I can bring in their idols and mentors to educate them through the right words of inspiration to inspire them for greatness. The success story will be also used as an avenue to educate the society too as we all know the youths are the major focus in our society today.

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The youths should first know their purpose in life and be their own motivation, they should find themselves around people that will affect their lives and encourage them positively, the youths should be bold enough to do the unthinkable through prayers and little hard work.


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