Meet Osilaobo Obari-Alesemi Charity; the CEO, Chacha Craft


I lost my phone in 2017 and this led me into boredom. My phone was my companion whenever I’m not studying. When we went on vacation the degree of my boredom increased and this made me to give a second thought on beading that I learnt in secondary school. So I started beading to keep myself busy. Along the line, I started selling my beading products in order to get money.
Unfortunately I couldn’t continue because I started feeling backache due to the long hours I bead along side with ankara craft.
With time I discovered I was more into ankara craft and it was selling more, so I took a U-turn. I became an Ankarapreneur.
In June2018, I organized my first training which held for three days. I had few trainees and it was a great discouragement but I decided to continue when two graduates who participated in the training started their Brand.

Crafting as a student has not been easy, yet I won’t let that word “student” retard my sense of creativity.
During the course of my journey as an Entrepreneur, I came up with coins words which are unique to Chacha Craft Brand. Examples are: Ankarapreneur, Ankaralised, etc.
Also, The Ankara Book-Bag is one of our Best selling products. It is a book and also bag and features are peculiar.
Over the years as an Ankarapreneur, I’ve been invited to train in Rivers State University under a programme scheme called “Skill To Wealth”. Also, I’ve gone out for school outreaches and one of the beneficiaries of this training is Eera Model School located in Eleme. It was a great time raising little creativity genius.
I have been featured on a new magazine brand known as Prodigy Magazine.
March 3, 2020 was a remarkable day for Chacha Craft as I was live on RSTV Youth Round Table to speak on Entrepreneurship.
Chacha Craft held an offline training on the 19th of March and it was another success as new Ankarapreneurs were groomed.
Presently I am looking forward to organizing an online training and it promise to be a great one.
It wouldn’t have gone this far without God as my source of inspiration.

Here are my social media IDs with which you can contact me for training and for patronage.
WhatsApp: 09024145808
Facebook: Chacha Osilaobo
Facebook page: Chacha Craft
Instagram: Chacha Kraft


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