Meet McFunnyAkpos, the CEO of JamesB Technologies, photography and Foundation


We live in a world where there are so many difficulties and challenges that we have to surmount so as to live better and be counted in. These issues we have to deal with, present themselves such that no matter how much tasks we have accomplished, no matter how much energy we have put in to achieve our wildest dreams, it is almost as though there is always more to be done.

Hence we strive rigorously to meet deadlines and to outweigh the natural pressures of life without consciously paying attention to other vital human needs. Needs like, happiness and enjoying every moment life throws at us.

Well, to indulge in this sort of way of life that is full of excitement and blissfulness, we have to set ourselves free and perhaps find balance for our sake.

Believe it or not, life is hard. Being too serious would only make it harder. We have to put smiles on our faces, for we can’t kill ourselves.

I am not in any way prioritizing pleasure over business or encouraging hedonistic ways of life, I am only saying that we will be doing ourselves a great favour if only we could take some time out and enjoy every moment of our lives.

With this believe, it is safe to say that creating qualitative comedy contents to encourage people to stay afloat with laughter, joy and happiness as they go on in their daily struggles is not out of place. And that is where, I, McFunnyakpos, Thejonzingguy comes in. To bring to you comedy contents that will not just crack your ribs and make you forget your sorrows but contents that are educating and informing at the same time.

Please don’t be too serious, life is more serious than you think.

My name is Mr. James Basil Medo aka Mc funnyakpos, born into the family of Mr. and Mrs Basil Medo and happens to be the first and the only son to the family. I am a native of Nwangele in Imo state, of course it could not be any other country, but Nigeria.

I am married to a lovely wife and blessed with a beautiful daughter and more children to come.

I am a Comedian, MC, Funnyactor, Presenter and Event Planner.

I do all these with embodiment of professionalism.

I am the CEO of JamesbTechnologies and Jamesbphotography , a Professional Graphic Designer, a Photographer and Video/Photo Editor.

By God’s grace I am the founder of jamesbfoundation – a platform established for the purpose of reaching out to less privileged most especially Children.

Finding yourself in country like ours pushes you into doing just about anything to survive but, speaking in terms of career and area of specification, my concentration lies on bringing laughter to the people and, that’s comedy.

This has been going on for years now and I am grateful for the transitions and the opportunities.

Of course, there is always that starting point in every journey, but looking at it in retrospect, I can boldly say that the level I have found myself, the things I have learned and all that I have accomplished, in this context, was possible, (though not limited) due to the high goals and targets I had set earlier on for myself.

I have had the privilege to work with great and amazing people in the industry and the journey is still on.

Although success is progressive in its measure, but I am pushing my career towards the believe that I will one day be known as the best comedian worldwide.

I love to talk. Or simply put, I talk for a living. More so, I love it when people around me are happy regardless of what they are going through. Being that I am embodiment of jokes in my expressions, comedy for me looks as something I was born to do. It feels good to be an inspiration, a source of happiness to the people. This is where my passion lies.

For the past few years I have tried to influence the society at large and most especially, the children. This is because, I love children.

Although being a comedian could be so challenging as people occasionally treat you with levity especially if you are the type that your contents do not have any flair of education or positive influence on the society. The tendency of going around with a clown tag is very likely, but for me, I allow myself the luxury of projecting good attitude, discipline, morals and the expression of empathy even at my funniest moments to people around me.

I also try in my capacity to take a step further by reaching to the less privileged and the children through jamesbfoundation I mentioned earlier.

do this with the believe that if people are properly taken care of and the children are well informed, the world will be a place with unending happiness.

It’s so sad that we live in a world where we are constantly told or at the very core, conditioned to do more with less or sometimes with nothing. I know this could be very frustrating for the youths who are still trying to find their way, but success is still possible at the end of tunnel if you could only start.

My advice is;

  1. Know exactly what you want to do. Then conceive an idea and go with it. If it is not right, you will learn that soon and have a change of plan. This is better than to sit in wait for everything to be perfect and complete before you start. There’s a popular saying that goes: it is not about what you don’t have, it is about what you do with what you have.
  2. Do not mind the days of little beginning. Just start no matter how small it may seem. The law of compound interest is waiting to help you. Don’t allow competition to becloud you that you start jumping steps. Go one step at a time.
  3. Don’t be a copycat. Be different and creative. Just because somebody you know is doing something and he or she is very successful doesn’t mean that is your calling. Do something that you are passionate about. Don’t be afraid of failure because for every success achieved lies countless of failures beneath.
  4. Remember you are always alone at the beginning. It is your vision, thus nobody is seeing what you are seeing. A lot of people may not support your dream and a lot of them may even be praying for your downfall. Just be focused on that which matters to you and give in your very best. When you succeed, those same people will be the first to sound the trumpet and form unnecessary familiarity.
  5. Don’t throw your background to the ground just because you are on a mission to succeed. Your family prestige, reputation and your integrity should be at the top of your core values.
  6. Do not try to please everyone. Trying to please everyone is not only childish, it is also a dangerous game and it is exhausting. God should be at center of it all.
    Thank you.


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