Meet JustMusic Obari, a fire brand Music Minister


What is your name
➡️ My name is Promise Yorgba Obari.

Where are you from
➡️ I’m from Rivers State, Eleme LGA, onne precisely.

When were you born
➡️ 7th April 1994.

Are you a born again
➡️ Yes.

Do you have the Holy Spirit
➡️ Sure Yes.

Are you married
➡️ No, not yet. (Single)

Tell us everything about your music life.
➡️ Music life has been so tough and sweet at the same time, it hasn’t been easy though, but the sure thing is I know where am heading to and what I must do to get there.

I must say Yes of a truth am indeed on track, via consistency and passion for my career.

How it all started (my music life)….. Back then when I was still growing up as a child till Age 7, I could Draw things, I mean painting images on papers, no sign connecting to music as at then.

At age 9, I began having this compelling connection towards music, I began loving sounds like hmmm, to an extent I started losing taste for drawing and painting, my focus changed gradually towards music.

I never thought about it, how far and what good will come out of this part am heading up for.

Everything about music started becoming interesting to me, like a joke, I finally fell for it, not knowing that by default, God has planned it to be so. Now i can say am doing well musically, I’m on track.

What is your plan for the next 5 years?
➡️ My plans for the next 5 years is to stay focus and consistent with God direction and be updated, because everyday things are really changing and upgrading per-time…..

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Which music company are you planning to work with?
➡️ For now presently am working with #LiveLine Records ph. Working with FRANK Edward’s #RockTown Record has always been my dream because of Sir Frank Edward’s consistency…. Am willing to work with any company that have a taste for excellence and consistency.

What else can you do?
➡️ Apart from music, I write Books, am a Graphic Designer , Blogger.

What is your big motivation for music?
➡️ My big motivation for music is actually my calling, #Reconciliation, Firstly kingdom minded primarily then secondarily all that follows.

Do you have a music video?
➡️ No, not yet but am still on it.

What do you have to say to up coming artist?
➡️ Stay focused and consistent with what you do and what you are called for. Stay on track, be you. Learn hard, according to scripture. Follow men who through faith and patience have attained the promises.

09095370719, IG: JustMusic.Obari, FB: justmusic.obari


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