Malibet digest: Be a Voice not an Echo By Onyezia Cynthia Amanda


Being authentic is a rare asset we find today. Very few are still true to who they are, their origin, their beliefs and their all.

Being Authentic means you don’t live your life in a fake way to impress anyone. You’re who you are when everyone is present and when everyone is absent.

Genuine people follow their heart; their spirits and are chosen to led by God. They don’t take decisions because everyone is doing it, they allow God lead them.

Those that are led by the spirit of God are called God’s sons… (Romans 8:14).

The dictionary definition of an echo is a repetition or imitation of sound. Many people live as complete imitators and are never truly authentic.

There’s almost nothing original about them, they live other people’s dream, talk, dress, speak and act like somebody else. They live less of whom they should be and know nothing about self discovery.

Several years ago I heard of this story of someone who copied all of his seat partner’s answers to the extent of copying his name.

In life, our questions are not the same. The tests we have cannot be the same because our purposes are different. Therefore, our approaches and style of living must not always be the same.

While the Bible has general principles for every one, God by His Spirit is very dynamic and can give us different personal instructions (not outside biblical principles) that will help us fulfill purpose. God can ask one to travel abroad and the other to stay back…if you live life by copying everyone, you will miss out from God’s best.


There’s room for copying good things from great people in life but don’t lose your authenticity and originality in copying…stay authentic.

Be more genuine, authentic and original. Never live your one life not being true to your real self. Still have your voice and don’t always be an echo.

It’s our month of openings and great doors of opportunities are opened to you this month. Stay authentic!



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