Indorama Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited, Delivers Palliatives items to Njuru Autonomous Community, to Cushion Effects of Lockdown


    In a bid to reduce hardship following the lockdown order isued by the Government due to the ravaging Corona Virus (Covid-19) Pandemic, The Indorama Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited, today, being the 6th day of May 2020 have delivered palliatives items to Njuru Autonomous Community, which happens to be one of Her Host Community.
    The palliatives items includes:
    50 cartoons of Indomie
    Fifteen bags of Rice
    Ten Bags of Garri and
    Ten Bags of beans

    palliative items from INDORAMA to NJURU Community

    The items were received by Chief Ejii Anyeogu, the Paramount Ruler of Njuru Autonomous Community and His Councils of Chiefs – Chief Engr. Goya Oluka, Mr. Meshach Gomba, Mr. Emmanuel Obele, Chief Oluji Osarongbor and Mr. Ngoyan Obele.
    The palliative items delivered were further shared amongst the four compounds that makes up Njuru Community, which includes:
    Obele Compound
    Oke/Okpa Mimi Compound
    Akara Compound
    Chumu Compound and Women

    Njuru Community Women
    Obele Compound

    Okpamimi Compound

    Anyeogu, on behalf of his Council of Chiefs, expressed his gratitude and described the effort of Indorama as commendable, especially due to the cry of hunger and hardship, he said such move by Indorama will put smiles on the faces of Njuru people. He said, it will also encourage his people to obey the lockdown order from the government.


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