Happy 72nd Birthday to Mummy G.O Pastor Folu Adeboye


Our Mother in Israel
Thank you Ma for all that you are not just to us but to the body of Christ all over the world.
A mother indeed
An example of legacy sustained
Blessed be the womb that bore you and the paps that gave you suck Ma.
Truly, all generations shall call you blessed for walking in the light of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.ChurchGist.
Thank you for your role in CRM
Thank you for your efforts in CADAM
Thank you for giving leadership in the schools
Thank you for your labour of Love to all the Esthers in the Kingdom and so many more things you are and do that words fail us to mention.
Thank you for being a wonderful wife to Daddy G.O and a great mummy to your children.
Thank you Mama for being a mother that we can all look up to in RCCG and in Christendom.
You are a well watered garden and we rejoice with you Ma.
We pray that you will be satisfied with long life and good health.
May all your desires in Jehovah see the light of day.
May God continue to bless you, keep you and make His face shine upon you.
May He lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
You have obeyed and served Him and continue to do so.
May you spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasures.ChurchGist.
Congratulations Mama and we wish you God’s Multiplied Blessings.

From the millions of us here at Church Gist.

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