Decaying Body of a Woman Still Seen Along Ogoni – Eteo Road Since January


    The dead body of an Unknown Woman alledged to have been found dead by passersby Along Ogoni- Eteo Road since January, 2020 is said to be still seen in the same decaying spot.

    An anonymous frequent user of the said road, said “I saw that body there when I left Rivers State in January and was shocked to still see it there when I returned”

    “The Body could be seen When coming from Trailer park before you get to Eteo junction, Just before a blocked U-turn where bikes uses to change lanes, you will spot a decaying dead cops of a woman”

    According to the source, ”the body would had decayed greater than it is now if it was on a soil ground but its decay is so slow because it is laying on a concrete floor”

    Ritageeblog is using this meduim, to notify the police to go and do something about the decaying body as it is making passersby Along that road uncomfortable as it is also unhealthy too.

    Anyone looking for a missing woman should also go check her out for immediate and prompt removal from public express High Way.


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