CELJIS Mask Eyeglass is out on Sale! Made in Nigeria


So my creative sister saw this Gucci Mask Crystal eyeglass worn by Ebele Obiano, the first lady of Anamabra State, that is worth #820,000. According to the report, Gucci made only 100 of the said mask crystal sun glasses and she happens to be one of the lucky few to purchase the mask glasses.

Osaroekaa Ajiwa Celine is the CEO of AC’s Fashion World, who specialises in producing the finest products you can think of using Ankara, Africa fabrics. She Can transform any condemned shoes, watches, bags to a brand new sparkling one…She is that creative.

She took creativity to another level when she also took time to create her own Ankara Mask glasses and it turned out to be amazingly awesome.

This awesome mask glass by Celji goes for just #3,000 only. Lets start ordering and rocking it… let celebrate creativity, lets purchase our own product.


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