Baggage of the Past By Ritagee


In our world today, the word baggage is used to refer to more than suitcases we carry when we travel. Today, the word also refers to the behavior, thought pattern and deep seated wounds we carry (Bob Barnes). These baggage weigh and bring us down and hinder us from being the people God wants us to be. Most often, and not surprisingly, these hidden baggage also interfer with our relationship with our spouses, family members and even friends around us. It keeps wives from knowing their husbands and causes painful and frustrating conflicts in a marriage.
It is only when we free ourselves from these wounds of sins committed in the past or present, that we can begin to live a life of positive influence. It’s just as you can’t take old wine to put in a new bottle.
The scripture affirms in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone, a new life has begun! This means that for you to live a free life, and discover the true purpose of living in Christ, then you must first let go of your old and new wounds and surrender yourself to Christ in order for Him to beautify your life again. He is capable of taking away your old wounds and turn you into a brand new person.
What baggage do is to keep you stagnant, locked in misery, pain and frustration. It makes you feel guilty and depressed, hindering your light from shining. You bigin to wallow in the dark of the past.
On the other hand, being free from past baggage or wounds gives you new purpose, makes you begin to think in another realm far above your past wounds. You find reasons to make your life better. It uplifts your relationship with your spouse, family and friends. Christ renews your strength, and gives new reasons via His words to be happy, to be hopeful and to believe in the grace He offers.
Christ is capable of transforming our lives, by taking away the burdens and our hurts of past, to help us find peace, love and happiness.
The foundation for such to happen, is to go boldly before Christ and surrender our baggage of the past to him. He said we should come into Him as many that are heavy laden in heart and in all endeavors of life and He will give you rest. The only assurance for our total liberty from past and present baggage is to live in Christ.
So, if we want our relationship to be better, our life to find meaning and for us to find peace and rest, then we must return to Christ and willingly accept to let Him lead us, only then can we be set free from our past baggage.
Most importantly, we must be able to forgive ourselves and make a decision to move on in Christ.

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