8 lemonade braids hairstyles you should try in 2019


    could Beyonce ever imagine that one day her lemonade braids would become a popular hair trend? Cornrows are back again, but this time they impress more than ever.

    Image: facebook.com, @expresswigbraids Source: Facebook

    Braids are part of the culture in many countries. Big, small, with Kanekalon and beads they keep on conquering the world. Even celebrities cannot resist such a temptation and adorn their heads with thousands of little plaits.

    Have you already tried this cool hairstyle? Lemonade braids hairstyles 2019 There are so many styles to weave one’s locks. However, we have found cornrow braids styles ideas you will certainly like to copy.

    1. Beyonce lemonade braids

    Image: facebook.com, @beyonce Source: Facebook

    People regard Beyonce braids as one of the most iconic ones. She has already done plenty of experiments with her locks. However, only those tiny golden interlaced strands made her fans obsessed.

    2. Lemonade braids hairstyles with beads

    Image: instagram.com, @hairby_shrimp (modified by author) Source: UGC

    It seems that this style limits the variety of ideas to take. However, things go quite the other way: you can twist the beaded patterns in any possible way to create a particular bohemian style.


    Why not try adding a few small accessories of different colours to your cute plaits? The result will be stylish and perfect for any celebration.

    cornrow designs

    4. Classic lemonade braids Image: instagram.com, @styledbyvondraniquee Source: Instagram

    Classic plaits are the long locks cornrowed to one side. Those different patterns will add a particular charm to any clothing style.

    5. Blonde lemonade plaits

    braids to the side

    Image: instagram.com, @erica_letstalkhair (modified by author) Source: UGC

    Golden blonde lemonade braids are an excellent choice for women who wish to try something new, create a funky style and stand out from the crowd. 6. Jumbo cornrows with accessories.

    6. Jumbo cornrows with accessories

    jumbo cornrows

    Image: instagram.com, @beautyrebellion Source: Instagram

    If you are a lucky owner of a thick or curly mane, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for you. It will protect your hair from damage and let you have a catchy look.

    7. Golden swirl cornrows

    This idea is one of the exciting cornrow designs for your locks. The interlaced strands of different hues help to create an elegant and charming style.

    8. Pink lemonade twists

    If you like glamour and wish to brighten your look, you can try this exciting idea to impress all your friends.


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